Sponsored Bills

Primary Sponsored Bills

Bill Title
S. B. No. 11 Enact the Parent Educational Freedom Act
S. B. No. 35 Create funds-law enforcement training, equipment purchase grants
S. B. No. 45 Designate Veterans Memorial Bridge in Trumbull County
S. B. No. 67 Regards State Fire Code and Building Code
S. B. No. 159 Authorize tax credit for pregnancy resource centers donations

Enact the Parent Educational Freedom Act

To amend sections 3310.03, 3310.031, 3310.032, 3310.033, 3310.034, 3310.036, 3310.07, 3313.975, and 5747.72 and to repeal sections 3310.035 and 3310.05 of the Revised Code to enact the Parent Educational Freedom Act to expand eligibility for Educational Choice scholarships, to cease the operation of the Pilot Project Scholarship Program on July 1, 2023, and to increase the income tax credit for homeschooling expenses.

Parents should have the freedom to choose what is best for their child’s education as they are best qualified to make that important decision. This expansion raised the threshold to earn a scholarship to 450% of the Federal Poverty Level. Base scholarships were also raised to $6,165 for children K-8 and $8,407 for children 9-12, which can be used at chartered public, chartered non-public, or community schools of their choice.
Sen. Sandra O’Brien

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