Last week’s vote by Republican Congressman Dave Joyce was shocking. Joyce was the only Republican to defect and vote with all 207 Democrats to not hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for withholding a government document. Joyce claims he did not want to politicize the Judicial System.

Where has Congressman Joyce been for the last four years? Because of Merrick Garland’s politicization of the Justice Department, President Donald Trump has been convicted of a phony political “crime.” Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon sit in a federal prison because of Merrick Garland’s politicization of the Justice Department. It’s too late for Joyce to decide that he doesn’t want to see the Justice Department politicized . It’s already been done by Garland numerous times. Joyce’s Pontius Pilate attitude is a slap in the face to Donald Trump and all of Garland’s other victims.

There is a political civil war underway in our country. Joyce’s vote last week was both telling and ominous of where he stands.